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The Business Model Canvas

Design A Business That Makes "Cents" | taught by TPM Focus, LLC
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TPM Focus, LLC
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About the instructor

TPM Focus, LLC is a multidisciplinary business consulting firm advising owners of startups and small businesses. We are the trusted source that helps companies startup and small businesses grow their operations using our innovative business strategies. We step in as, what we call, the ‘Interim COO’, assisting with overall business strategy that connects marketing, sales, technology, and finances.  

Although our role is temporary, the impact is lasting and companies select us whenever they need structure, specialized skill sets, and an objective, new way of thinking and operating.  

Think of it as having a Chief Operating Officer and expert team that steps in when you need them most. That’s us!   

We have 100+ years of executive experience in corporate industries so we combine the corporate knowledge and strategies with the scrappiness and innovation of the lean startup methodology to create the perfect collaboration with our clients.  

TPM Focus, LLC was founded and is currently led by a business innovation leader– Monique Mills, MBA, PMP, a degreed electrical engineer, certified PMP (Project Management Professional), tech startup founder, and licensed Realtor(R). For further information, please visit


At TPM Focus, we work with a lot of companies that are either just starting out or small businesses that are adding more products and services to their companies. Both of these are the perfect scenarios for completing the Business Model Canvas.

The business model canvas enables you to think through your business, step-by-step, without creating a 20-page document (the old-fashioned business plan) that takes weeks or months to create.

Instead, it's a one-pager and what we call the "lean" way to develop a new business model or even to document an existing one.  This one-page visual representation makes it easy to see and understand the most important business components.  

This course will teach you how to launch something new, visually target the key areas that need to be considered, and have a full understanding of everything that you need to know to make your new endeavor a success.

A template is included for download in the course. Let's get started!

Course Contents

14 Videos
1 Survey
1 Audio

Course Curriculum

SECTION 1: Alternatives
Section 2: Competitors
Section 3: Value Proposition
Section 4: Target Customers
Section 5: Customer Relationships
Section 6: Channels
Section 8: Key Activities
Section 9: Key Partners
Section 10: Key Resources
Section 11: Costs